Arrangement of Cards in Kanban Board Columns

My team uses the Kanban Board view to organize our work. In other Kanban applications we’ve tried, the board allows for cards to be arranged side by side in single columns.

In the Kanban board view though, there seems to only be 1 option for card arrangement, and that is in a vertical manner, and one has to scroll and scroll to see all the cards in one column.

Could there be consideration to enabling the end user to maximize the board view, and by doing so, to allow the cards in the board to be arranged both side by side in one column, and in a vertical arrangement? We’d like to see more flexibility in how the cards can be organized in the board.

Please see attached screen shot as an example of what my team would like to see in, this is a screen shot from LeanKit (Plan View) that shows Kanban cards side by side and in vertical arrangements.