Assign people to national holidays based on location

Hi all,

I am trying to assign people to national holidays based on their location for resourcing purposes.

I have two relevant boards:

  • A board that contains all my resources, including a Person column and a Location column (currently as a dropdown)
  • Another board containing the national holidays for our different geographic locations with a dropdown column for location.

What I want to do is; say I create a person in the first board. We’ll call him Jim. Jim is located in USA. I would like to automate the flow so when I choose USA in the dropdown of the first board, Jim is automatically assigned to all holidays that contain USA in the dropdown column in the second board.

I’ve tried connecting the two boards using a mirror column, but I can’t quite get it right. Any ideas?

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Hey @AstridRordam,

I just got back to Petra in our FB group with a video demonstration who was having the same issue - I think our match automations might be best suited for you here! I am unable to link the video to this comment as it is too large, however I will link the post to the facebook group so you can take a look - let me know if you can access the link :pray:

Link to FB post: | Facebook

Let me know if this demonstration helps!