Create territory automation

Hi, new to Monday and trying to create sales territory representation across several of my CRM boards. Ideally, when an item is created on the leads, account, contact, or opportunity board, I would like to auto populate a territory in a text field (ex. Southeast). I would then like a people column updated based on territory value. Ex. if territory = southeast, then people column = Greg. Thoughts on how to accomplish or does anyone have recommendations on how they automate a territory?

Hey Erin :wave:

I’d love to understand the structure of your workflow to point you in the right direction :pray:

Are you tracking the territory of the lead/prospect from the outset, to then guide which sales rep is then assigned to the specific lead? I am just trying to understand the need for an item to be created in every board, and the auto-population of the territory text field. If you can elaborate a little further on this that would be great - I can do some testing on my end :pray:

Hi there, thanks for your response! Yes I am looking to automatically assign a CRM record (whether it be lead, account, or opportunity) based on the state. Ideally, there would be a column for ‘Territory’ automated based on state, then a people column that updates based on that territory. Make sense?

Thanks for your reply! Are you able to confirm how you’re pulling these leads, accounts and opportunities into your board? Is through manual inputting or perhaps a form? I ask this, as I think the easiest way for this to work would be by taking advantages of conditional questions through our workforms feature. For example, if a specific status label is chosen (i.e. state) in the form, then an additional condition question is created to choose the specific territory (in a dropdown column or status column)… Once this information is submitted, you can then create an automation to assign a person based upon the territory chosen…

Does this make sense?

We are loading or one off creating the leads, accounts, and opportunities so unfortunately I don’t believe the form option is viable. I was hoping to use the create or update trigger on the record to automate.