Assign subitem dates based on main item date

Is it possible to populate due dates for subitems at specific intervals from the main item due date?


If the Board Meeting is scheduled for April 1st in the main item, what formula could I use to populate the Due Date for subitems based on the Days Before column? I am currently manually entering the Board Meeting date in the subitem column, but would like to skip this step for ease of updating.

Thank you!


Hey Courtney!

For this, I would suggest the following formula: SUBTRACT_DAYS({Date},20)

In the {Date} part, you will put {Board Meeting} instead to return the date 20 days prior to the board meeting date.

Then, you can change the formula to SUBTRACT_DAYS({Board Meeting},14) or SUBTRACT_DAYS({Board Meeting},7) to show the proper dates for accomplishing the Past Minutes and Action Items tasks.

I hope this helps! :blush: