Attach Form Response Viewer File to dashboard item


I have a form that hosts an extensive list of questions (32). Whenever the form is submitted, the contents of these forms should be ideally shared across several teams within their own board(s). Since it’s not very convinient to have this many columns but all the information is indeed required, I’m looking for a way to have attach the full briefing document onto the item that is created when the form is submitted. The only solution I can currently come up with is to manually create a .pdf out of the form response viewer and attach it to the item so that the full information can be passed on to connected boards.

Is there a way to automatise this process? So that whenever a form is submitted, the .pdf is created and attached as a file in the column?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Archil,

I am afraid this isn’t currently possible natively in the platform - sorry for the inconvenience!

That said, as a workaround, you can set up an automation to notify/email specific users with the item and column fields included in the body of the email. I totally understand this isn’t the desired format, and will ensure your comments are shared with our team internally.

We do also have some apps available in our marketplace that might help you achieve your goal here, one of which is Docugen or Item to Document which could first generate a pdf from the item, and then send the file using an automation.

Hopefully something like this can work for you :pray:

Hey Bianca,

Thanks for your quick help. I did actually look into your mode of e-mail notification as an alternative. While this is certainly an option, we would ideally want to switch our entire work flow to monday, omitting the need to communicate via mail on these topics. Do you happen to know if this feature is going to be implemented any time soon? I’ll look into Docugen and Item to Document in the meanwhile.


Thanks for your reply - I hear you :+1:

I can confirm that this feature is on our roadmap backlog at this stage, which essentially means there is a plan to develop this feature in the future, however we are unable to commit to an ETA just yet. Thanks in advance for your understanding!