Submitted Form Added to Column as PDF

When a form is submitted, is it possible for it to be automatically added to a column as a pdf?

I would like to connect that column to another board, so the pdfs can be easily viewed while looking at separate board information for a different form. (One form is an application and the other form is a reimbursement approval. They need to be viewed/referenced together if possible!)

Hey Jackie!

Charlotte here with the monday team!

While you won’t be able to automate it, you can download a form response as a PDF using the Form Response Viewer. To download a form submission as a PDF, click on the “Save as PDF” button on the top of the view.

Additionally, I am wondering if perhaps having Connect Boards Columns and Mirror Columns showing the info from your first board’s form submission to the other board would be helpful and create more cohesion.

Let us know what you think!


You can use the app DocExport PDF Generator to create a PDF in your own design including information from a form response. If you combine it with the monday automation “When item created”, you can completely automate the process.

After a form submission, a PDF will be created and automatically attached to a file column.
From there, you can connect the boards and mirror this column into other boards as Charlotte mentioned.

Here’s a quick video tutorial of how to set it up. It’s for the use case ‘Event Ticket’, but t’s a similar use case with the same logic. After form submission, a PDF ticket should be created and placed in a file column:

For the life of me, I cannot get the emails to go out. I have done all the steps in this video. I created the automation so that when an item is created, it changes the status to Done. And when that Status is changed to done, it creates the PDF. Any known issues with this?

Hi Joseph,

We’ve checked the logs on our side and all emails were sent out just fine. However, we hit a snag with your emails — it bounced back as a ‘Hard Bounce,’ meaning it didn’t make it to your inbox. That’s usually the case if there’s a typo in the email address or blocked from your side.

We will provide you with further details through a support ticket due to privacy reasons.


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