Attention: New support form to open technical tickets

Starting today, we have a new support form to open a technical ticket with our team! This new form helps us to route your requests and gather useful information about the issues you are experiencing. This will allow us to address your concerns more effectively and provide you with a faster resolution.

The email address will no longer be valid. It is set to auto-close and will become a no-reply email address. Moving forward, we encourage all developers to utilize our new support form. App users should reach out via the support center as usual.

This transition is aimed at improving the support process and enhancing your overall developer experience with our API and app marketplace!


Rachel, could I suggest one more option in the “relevant” dropdown which is “I am a developer contacting regarding an issue with a user account”. This would be specific when we need assistance regarding an issue a user is experiencing with our app.

It would have fields for the customer slug and a customer email (for cc on the ticket)

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That’s a great suggestion @codyfrisch!

I’ve passed it on to our tech support team :smiley: