Attention: New support form to open technical tickets

Starting today, we have a new support form to open a technical ticket with our team! This new form helps us to route your requests and gather useful information about the issues you are experiencing. This will allow us to address your concerns more effectively and provide you with a faster resolution.

The email address will no longer be valid. It is set to auto-close and will become a no-reply email address. Moving forward, we encourage all developers to utilize our new support form. App users should reach out via the support center as usual.

This transition is aimed at improving the support process and enhancing your overall developer experience with our API and app marketplace!


Rachel, could I suggest one more option in the “relevant” dropdown which is “I am a developer contacting regarding an issue with a user account”. This would be specific when we need assistance regarding an issue a user is experiencing with our app.

It would have fields for the customer slug and a customer email (for cc on the ticket)

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That’s a great suggestion @codyfrisch!

I’ve passed it on to our tech support team :smiley:


I created a bug report through the new form roughly two weeks ago. I remember it showed a ticket ID after submission, but I didn’t receive any mail or something with a link to the ticket. Stupidly I didn’t write down the ticket ID.

I think it would be nice to get an email with a link to the ticket after submitting the form. This way we could also share the link to the ticket with the users experiencing the problem so that they can see the progress.

Hello there @xatxat,

When you submit this form, an email will automatically be sent to the email address you provided. I just tested it and it appears to work without issues. The email will come from The subject should start with “[Request received]” :grin:

Ah Okay. Odd that I didn’t get such a Mail :thinking:

Could you maybe check if this bug report was registered in your system? I sent it on 28th of March. This is the App ID: 10081682. It’s about the GraphQL API somtimes responding with status 500.

Hello again @xatxat,

I see it was replied to on the 28th by someone from our team :grin:

You can look for it with the subject “monday API occasionally returning status 500 (“Internal server error”) when fetching board items with a cursor”

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I don’t find anything in my Email inbox. Was this sent to ?