Auto fill blanks in forms

I would like any of the blanks on my form to auto populate with a N/A or “-” to show that is it in fact blank.

Hey Danir!

Are you looking to set this up so there is a N/A option when people fill out a form? Or so that when items are created from this form, if there are blanks they become “N/A”?

If the latter, I would suggest using an automation like “when item is created and only if dropdown is __, then change status to N/A”

Let me know your thoughts!

Hi Danir,

I wonder if you are referring to wanting form items to have a default value of “blank” that the user then updates? So, if they do not update the field it would remain blank for your records.

If this use case is acceptable, you can assign default values on the board by expanding options>Board Settings> Item Default Values:

Configure the popup item card as desired!

I hope this alternate solution is helpful :slight_smile:

Have a great day,
Shawna from Launch Point

Thanks Cherlotte,
I would like the latter to populate. so if left blank, then it shows N/A once its submited.

I cant seam to get the automation to configure in the way your recipe explains it.
I only get " when item is create and drop down" the ones i want to show N/A are a short answer. not a drop down.

Hi Shawna,
this is great to learn about. I was looking for this feature the other day for another portion of my form. thank you very much for bringing it to my attention!