Auto populate start date collumn

I would like to add a collumn to my board that displays the date that a task was marked by the user as “started” but I can’t seem to find how to add a collumn to display that value.

The date collumn and timeline collumns are predictive and I would like something that reflects the users input not tells them when they should be starting the task.

I think you can do it with an automation? You’d want a Status Change automation, and you’d pick the one that reads “When status changes to something, set due date to current datetime”.

Then you just update the italicised bits so it reads “When [Doneness Status Column] changes to Started, set [Start Date Column] to current datetime”.

The only downside of this is if, say, they update Doneness to “Blocked” (or something) and then change it back to “Started” once they resolve their blockage, the start date will then update to the datetime of the most recent time the Doneness status was set to Started. There’s no way to set it and then lock it. So you’d have to ensure your users are using workflows where they don’t step backwards through statuses, only forwards.

@Eleanor Yes I did do it with an automation, thank you. It’s not a perfect solution because I have a board where some users have already been working on some tasks, and later a manager asked for additional data about the start, projected and actual completion dates of each task, so ideally I would like to add a Start date collumn that reflects when the users actually clicked on the status button and changed it from “empty” to “working on it”

The automation is working for tasks that have status changes from now on, but I was really looking to tie into the collumn that I’m sure monday already has in their database that tracks the dates of status changes.

Sharepoint has more collumns that you can turn on and off that are pre-associated with your list data. Monday should take a peek at their default list collumns and maybe borrow a few idea’s from there? Shhhh lol.