Auto populating custom columns

We have created two custom fields for Sanctuary and Region. Is there a way that the region field can be auto populated based on the sanctuary response that is selected from the drop down menu list?


Hello @D_H80, David

Welcome to the community. From your question it looks like you are talking about custom fields in an integration app. You can setup dependencies between custom fields so the region dropdown list gets populated by the value chosen in the sanctuary field.

To do that you need to populate the region field from within the app. Are you looking how to setup such a dependency?

Hi Bas, thanks for your reply and suggestion.

I had a look at the dependancy option before I posted on here but I couldn’t find one that had an β€œIf A add XXXX, if B add XXXX, if C and XXXX etc.” option within the same board. That said, I’m new to Monday so it might be there and perhaps I missed it or missundstood it’s meaning.

We have created a drop down list for the region and the sanctuary already, so I am hoping that there is a simple way to connect the two.

hi David,

It is possible, but the question is: is it simple? :slight_smile:

Where / how did you created those drop down lists? In the board (column) itself, in the customfield builder or are you building an app yourself?

So basically, there doesn’t seem to be no internal way to let one field be a copy or result of a formula from another field in the same row without external tools like Integromat. Is that correct? It would be hugely helpful if that was a native automation.

Hi Bas

We created a drop down column and then added in the list options we want to display and then savd the column as a template so that we can add them to all boards across the organisation.

It’s never simple, but then very few things in life are, especially the ones that are worth pursuing!

Hi David,

Unfortunately in this scenario it is not possible to auto-populate one column based on the selection made in another column. I was a little confused by the term custom fields as this exact term is also used in integrations developed by 3rd parties.

Thanks Bas

I have managed to do it (with the help of Monday support team, who were great) with an IF,OR,SEARCH formula. It doesn’t fill an existing column, rather it fills in the answer in the formula column itself.

Might be handy to know if you ever need something simliar yourself.

Thanks for your input.


Can you share the actual formula?


The below formula works when only one response is required.

IF({Dropdown#Labels}=β€œ1”,β€œOutput 1”,
IF({Dropdown#Labels}=β€œ2”,β€œOutput 2”,
IF({Dropdown#Labels}=β€œ3”,β€œOutput 3”,"")))

Make sure to edit the formula so that the column names/values match the ones on your board so that {Dropdown#Labels} would need Dropdown replaced with the values from your list and Output would be the name of the column that is being populated. The formula column itself is where the answers will populate, rather than filling in another column, so you can just change the formula column header as needed.


Hope this makes sense.

If you need a formula that takes into account multiple selections I have one of those too, so just let me know.


Got it. Thanks. I was confused by your description β€œβ€¦ IF,OR,SEARCH…”. I was expecting something more.

Well, the ful code we ended up using enabled us to use multiple selections and was as follows, (i’ve just replaced our drop down options numbers for privacy ).

SEARCH(β€œ4”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ5”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ6”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ7”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ8”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ9”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ10”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0)," North East. β€œ),
IF(OR(SEARCH(β€œ11”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ12”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ13”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ14”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ15”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ16”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0),” Central. β€œ),
IF(OR(SEARCH(β€œ17”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ18”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ19”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ20”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0),” South East. β€œ),
SEARCH(β€œ25”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ26”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ27”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0),” North West. β€œ),
IF(OR(SEARCH(β€œ28”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ29”,Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ30”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0,SEARCH(β€œ31”,{Sanctuary#Labels},0)>0),” South West. "))

Is that more what you had in mind?

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What about switch to populate values ir text fields? This one looks at values in columns to create an average towards 100% from sub fields…

				"Working on it",50,
				"Presentation ready",50,
				"Presented FOH",100,

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