Auto populating fields based on singular input

Hi all,

I’m new to, but enjoying the vast amount of possibilities it holds! I work in inventory management and am looking for an easy way to auto populate data when inputting an order. Probably easier to explain with an example:

We place orders with multiple items per order, so for this the order is the item, and each item ordered gets added as a sub item. I would like the ability to add the part number of one of the items ordered, then it auto populates the item description, model number etc. Is this something that is possible to do? I think this could be accomplished with an IF formula, but we have about 100 unique part numbers and more being added every day. So the formula would probably be as tedious as copying and pasting the requested data.

We also have an inventory board, and this is where the data would essentially come from, I’ve seen rumblings of VLOOKUP app, but not sure if this would be something it could do.

Hopefully this makes sense, thanks!

hi @ndonag

Do I understand correctly that you want to enter a part number in a subitem and then other columns in that subitem gets automatically populated with details (like description, price, etc) from an inventory board? The app Match Index Column (see Apps Marketplace) can do that for items, but not for subitems yet.

Let me know if you are interested and I can investigate if this is something we can support.

Hi @basdebruin, this is exactly what I’m looking for! Too bad it can’t do it for subitems, as this is where I’m keeping the item order data. I’ve played around with both ways of documenting orders, but I found the subitem approach was cleaner, otherwise each line item would have duplicate information like PO, order date, quote number etc. Here is how I’ve set it up both ways:

These are both the same order, but setup in the different ways I described. When the order is a group, I have more functionality per item, but as you can see the last few columns house the same data (order data, system PO, other system PO, quote number etc). I think I would prefer having the units in an order as items rather than subitems, but then I need to figure out a way to auto populate the common data as mentioned before in each cell so I don’t have to copy/paste each time.