Autogenerate Document from Completed Form

I would like to use the webform to create a document that automatically gets sent to the email of the person who filled it out. So there is a record of them agreeing to the terms of the form. Is there a suggested way to do this?

The easiest way I have found to do this for word documents is to use the DocuGen app(there are others as well). This does have a price depending on the number of documents generated. But it allows you to use Word Documents or Forms you already have and use placeholders to pull information directly from an item or items in a board. It also will create a table of sub-items and allows you to choose which sub-items columns to include. Then you set an automation to automatically mail out the word doc or PDF after it is created.

I initially tried using workdocs from but could not find a way to generate a workdoc using the data in the board.