Autogeneration of ids like item_id or sub-board id during item creation: can Ids be pre-defined and passed to the creation function and/or can the item_id be automatically written in the first column called "Id" during creation?

I use the API version “2023-10” to create items on a board and and sub-items on sub-board.

  1. The item_id is automatically generated during item creation. I want to write that item_id into the first column named “Id”. Do I have to wait for the creation and then query for the item_id and write (the number as a string I guess), or is there a way to
    a) self-generate an item_id and pass it as a variable to the creation process
    b) somehow autofill the (unknown) item_id into the column “Id” during create function
  2. Similar as 1b), I would like to pre-define a sub-board and sub-item id and pass it to the create item function, to not have to wait ~30 seconds for the creation process to finish auto-populating the subitems of the sub-board until I can query the sub-board ID.

Hello there @charter,

  1. You need to get the ID of the newly created item in the response, and send it to the name of the item via API as a string (if that is what you are calling the “ID” column)(the first column in all boards is the name of the item).

  2. You can not predefine the IDs. The IDs are created when you create the items and are sent to you in the response of the call to create said items (if you ask for them).

Let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:



You could use the item ID column type to display the item ID. It wouldn’t be in the item name (first) column but it would be a column on the board where the item ID would be visible immediately.