Automate Adding Multiple Item IDs Into One Item?

Have a bunch of items that each have a unique Item ID, and I need to put them in a single shipment. Is there a way to automate selecting multiple Item IDs and somehow placing them within a new, signle item as a batch of ID’s?

First thought was to somehow automate populating a Long Text Column field with each of the IDs, but don’t think that would work. Any other ideas? Also open to somehow linking the multiple items within the single shipment item, although don’t know if that’s a possibility either. Only real stipulation is that multiple items need to somehow be linked/represented within a new, single shipment item.

Hi @Adam1 - this depends a bit on your current board structure. If the items are in a separate board from your shipments then using a connect board column and mirroring the Item ID will create a comma separated value. You could also do something similar with items/subitems.

If you could offer some additional information around how you have things set today we can help further with a solution.