Automate button click

I have a form created and I’m using the DocuGen app to create the form into a PDF and send it to our team. This is for Safety and Quality inspections out in the field. I have the Click me button added to the main table and everything works, however out field inspectors just use the app to fill out the form. I want this to be completely automated so when the item is created I can trigger the button click to send the PDF email to them from DocuGen. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Hey Tony!
It’s awesome that you’re trying to automate things and make life easier for your field inspectors.

To trigger a button click in automatically when an item is created, you might want to consider using’s automations
here’s a general outline of how you could set it up:

  • check if has an automation recipe that suits your needs. These can help you automate various actions, and they’re pretty user-friendly.

  • custom automation: if there’s no ready-made recipe for your specific use case, you can try creating a custom automation. look for options like “when an item is created” as a trigger, and then set the action to “click button.” this will execute the button click when a new item is added.

  • and also you can consider using third-party integration tools like Zapier. these platforms can often create more complex automations and bridge the gap between and other apps

by setting up one of these options, you can have your PDF email sent automatically when an item is created. it might take a bit of configuration, but it’s totally doable

I have tried the first 2 options. there are no standard automations and I don’t have an option for a action of “Click Button”. That would be perfect but I don’t see that option. We have Pro plan, do we need something else to have more automations? Is the third-party option my only option?

Hi Tony,

Status changes are much more automation-friendly than button clicks. You could have a status column called “PDF Sender :robot:” that uses labels “Send PDF :zap:” and “Ready :white_check_mark:” as default.

When Item is Created
Change PDF Sender :robot: to Send PDF :zap:
And then change PDF Sender :robot: to Ready :white_check_mark:

Using statuses as the steps and bridges between steps (or conditions and triggers) is typically best practice in

Then you can use that Send PDF :zap: status change as the trigger for the integration.

I would personally also have the button change the status rather than trigger the integration directly. Keep everything on the status column and use that as a sort of “tool”.

Hope that helps!