Automate splitting Shopify line items into distinct subitems

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I am working in a board which populates per Shopify order, using a Zap from Zapier. All the information I need from Shopify is successfully getting into my board, and it’s populating the board one order per item line. When there are multiple line items, though, they populate in the following format:

SKU: “SKU-001,SKU-002,SKU-003”
Price: “100.00,88.00,15.99”
Currency: “USD,USD,USD”

Ultimately, I need to split these line items into separate values so that I can create invoices and track values individually. I feel as though this probably should be done via subitems, but I’m open to other solutions. This feels like an issue that would be encountered in any integration with a NoSQL data set, so I’m surprised there isn’t an existing solution. Is there an easy way to break these into individual components without adding dozens of columns with formulas that break it up using “mid” or “search” functions?

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If I understand correctly, you have a board which has at least 4 columns: SKU, Price, Currency and Name.

Then you have items coming via Zapier that look like this:

SKU: “SKU-001”
Price: “100.00”
Currency: “USD”

But sometimes you have multiple items together such as:

SKU: “SKU-001,SKU-002,SKU-003”
Price: “100.00,88.00,15.99”
Currency: “USD,USD,USD”

And you want to know how to divide it into three separate items.

I believe in this case, the best way to do so could be to use “code” action in Zapier when you have multiple items together, and to create a script that divides it into multiple items, and then sends it to the action that populate the monday board.

But if anyone else has been in this situation and has another solution, it would be great to hear about it!


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