Automated selection of a linked boards column

I am wanting to create a new item using external data through zapier, which I am able to do on most data types/column types. One point of data is a unique identifier, using this identifier I would like for it to show related data that is in a linked table (also I can do). The issue is that I cannot directly input this unique identifier to a linked table column.

Example: Zapier pushed data is 852. 852 is also in a linked table along with 852’s phone number and email address. I want 852 from zapier to automatically show the related data.

I cannot reliably bring that info over from the source.

Hey @Kyle1 welcome to the community.

It sounds like you just want to update the ‘connectBoards’ column with the item id of the other item.

The way I would go about this is as follows:

  1. setup the connection on board 1 and then create ‘mirror’ columns phone and email columns from board 2.
  2. in your zap add a update multiple column values. and input the id of the connect_board column. and then the id of the item you would like to link. (e.g. in your case the pulseId of item 852).
    Once you update the connected item, will do the work of ‘mirroring’ the email and phone number on the board.

here is a screenshot sample of update multiple columns. Note you will have to change the ‘ItemId’ and the ‘connect_boards’ column id to match your specific board.

Hope that helps!