Automatically mark notifications as read when you have read an Update (or marked is as read in the Inbox, or replied to it in the Update)

It is quite cumbersome to keep your notifications tidy (as there are soon many of them!). One easy thing that would take care of this for 70-80% automatically, is let Monday mark a notification as Read when the update where it is about has been read.

At this moment, when I view updates in my Inbox (or even mark them as read), or view Updates through a board’s Item (or even reply to them), then the referenced Notification is still showing as new/unread, whilst I clearly went over that item (somtimes in several ways).

If Monday would just automatically mark a notification as read when the Update it is about has been read (or replied to), then 70-80% of my notifications would already be sorted.
To do that now, whilst ensuring that I don’t loose any important Notification of something I didn’t see yet, I’d have to click the Notification, which takes me to the Update where it is about, then find out there I already read it / replied to it, then go back to Notifications, then the next one, etc etc. Takes a lot of clicking/time.

Note: Part of this is caused by the fact that you can’t expand a text in the Notification, you can only click on it to take you to the true Update. So to read more than one line of text and remember where it’s about again, I’d have to click through all of them finding out that 70-80% was already read / replied to in fact.