Notifications - mark all from 1 element as read or... More filters in notifications area

Hi! I would like to have more filters available in notifications center. There is a problem. In our team we got many boards and many elements with subelements. As a team manager after few days off I see too many notifications. The most useful option would be to mark all notifications in one element as read, because I will have to read all new updates.

Now I am doing like this: scrolling down the list, remember 2 of elements and open 1 notification per element in a new tab and scroll slowly up to look at newest notifications if there are more for those elements and mark them as read. I will look at those elements in few minutes so I don’t need to see more notifications for those elements.

Maybe team can add option to mark as read all notifications for selected element in dots menu?

Or if not, maybe there should be more filters in notifications area, like typing element’s name or list of all elements included in notifications and I can choose from this list?

What do you think guys?