Automation: Copy from List to Calendar

Here’s my perspective:

My job is to make marketing content (blogs and images) for my company. I use Monday as a Content Calendar (shows when blogs I make will be created) and a Content List (shows more detailed steps of the process of creating blogs).

When I add an item to the Content List (image below)…

I want the item to automatically be copied onto the Content Calendar (image below)

Is this possible through automation?

Hi Frank.

Would the following automation work for you:

“When an item is created in this board, create an item in another board and link them using link to item column in this board”

If you add this to the Content List board, then you can customise the details that you copy across to the Calendar board when the item is created.

There are extensive options available under item in the recipe, including what group the item is created in, and what data you include in the columns of the created item.

Hope that helps.