Automation: Delete/archive/move/clear status column for subitems

It would be great to be able to delete/archive/copy/move subitems using automations in the same way we do items.

For example, I use one of the boards as a personal weekly planner for time blocking, and subitems serve as specific tasks/projects/reminders. At the end of the week, an automation resets the dates, but I have to manually select and delete every subitem before starting fresh.

Ideally, a single automation should allow me to:

  • push the dates by 7 days (already doing that)
  • delete/archive all subitems
  • clear ‘Activity’/Status column for subitems

At the moment, I can already automate clearing the column if there is a separate status column created on ITEM level. However, I use ‘Show summary on parent item’ to see the breakdown of my activities, which allows me to collapse my subitems and get an overview of my activity throughout the day.