Automation - send email to 2 email receiver, how to setup in the automation

Hello all,
Now i have 1 challenge about the automation send email to 2 email receiver (Example: include CC email) but in the automation can send to only 1 email or person
How to solve it


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Hello @BVM-Mengly ,

Unfortunately I believe you cannot currently use the CC feature with email automations/integrations.

If the receiver(s) are always the same, you could duplicate the automation and add the other email(s).

Otherwise, you could add an extra email column for the second email.

Alternatively, you could also use gmail’s group feature as described here.

Hope some of this helps.

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Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Hi @BVM-Mengly, How I currently solve this is creating a second automation triggered to the second person who needs to be “CC’d”, but there is no true “CC” to include all parties on the same automated email thread to the best of my knowledge and efforts at the moment. :frowning:

Dear Tasha,
Thank for your solution.
Will it send 2 emails (1. First email and 2. Second email “mean CC email”, correct?
When someone reply the first email and it will send to second email or not?


Yes, thank for your solution.
it seem, we will separate the email sender. correct
but I want include cc email and also, CC email it always change too, it is not fixed email