Create thread with multiple recipients through email automations

On a board that functions as a contact database, I want to automate emails to send to all contacts listed within an item as one email thread, rather than invisibly copying them all in.

In my board, an item represents a distinct company, but we work on a particular project with small teams of people at each company, not just one single contact. We therefore have columns for ‘Primary Email Address’ and ‘Secondary Email Address(es)’. The Secondary Email Address might be a teammate of the first, or their EA.

To use email automations on, I need to be able to send an email to these multiple people as one thread - so ideally, in the window where you write your email template, above the box for the subject line there would be a box for a ‘To’ field (as it would be in a normal email platform) and a box for the ‘CC’ field. This way, all the recipients can see who has received the email, and when one of them replies, they will be able to ‘reply all’ so that all subsequent conversation from the original email stays in one thread. In my case, I would put the ‘Primary Email Address’ as the recipient in the ‘To’ field, and the ‘Secondary Email Address’ in the CC field.

This functionality exists for individual, manually constructed emails via the Emails & Activities app, but currently the email automation recipes can’t do this. This severely limits how much we can use the automations, even though in every other way they would be hugely beneficial for our productivity.

In the manual way we currently send emails, if we email one member of the team without CC’ing the others, the person we have emailed usually calls us out on it (“please also copy in X for any communications regarding ABC”) and copies the rest of their team in on the reply for their visibility of the thread. Therefore if we list all the email addresses in one email column, and send the email to the whole team but without making this visible to the recipients, we will continue to get those responses because they will not be able to see that we have already sent emails to their teammates as well. They will have to do the manual work of gathering everyone into one thread, every time, at their end, which is not a good customer/partner experience. They will also be able to tell that we used an automated system or copy/paste method to email them (because if they copy in colleagues who are apparently ‘missing’ from my email, their colleagues will see that the text is identical to the version they separately received).

Email automations are one of the strongest points in favour of our wider team adopting Monday as our main work tool, but when so much of our business requires including secondary contacts and assistants on these regular email updates we send (and doing so visibly, on a single email thread), the absence of this capability will really limit its use to us, and we will have to continue writing manual emails on Gmail.

There are not really any workarounds we can use in this case - we send too many emails to craft them all manually in Emails & Activities! I’m not sure how well I’ve explained this here, so any other users who have encountered the same problem, please share your use cases. I think this improvement should be a priority to make the powerful email automations feature practical and useful for every team, not just those who work with isolated individuals.

Many thanks in advance for your responses and input!

This issue was raised in this thread previously: How to CC multiple email addresses in an automation. The original poster asked, “So just to clarify. Multiple email addresses cannot be copied on the same/single outgoing email through an automation?” The thread was subsequently closed without any response.

I do not think this fix should be excessively difficult, given that the more advanced email generation function already exists in Emails & Activities (where you can input the To and CC fields of a single email rather than BCC’ing multiple people) - we just need that interface in the integrations centre.