How to CC email addresses in an automation

Is there a way to cc multiple email address on the SAME email in an automation. I currently have an automation set-up when an updated form is sent, then an auto reply sends the client an email that we have received it and will be in touch soon. Then y manager is typically the one to respond, but he cannot if he is not part of the original email. he has to start a new email chain. I would like to be able to cc him so that the conversation can continue on that thread.
thank you in advance for the help!

At the moment, Monday does not have this option built in, and the email formatting in the automation is fairly basic.

I havent seen any direct add-ins that add cc, but we got around the problems by using Make. Use the Monday Webhook Integrations, to trigger Make, and then Make sends the email - it has options ALL the various email options you would expect, and it supports HTML formatting in the email too, so we can add weblinks, bold, italic etc etc.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for that! We don’t want to add more systems to our workflows than we already have. Part of the reason we have switched to Monday, but I’m often finding that we need other platforms to make it work exactly how we need it to…

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We use email “team” and put all the people we want on CC in that team.


Thanks Kate! This could be helpful for other use cases. The issue I am having is I have a new contact form submission and I want to email the person that we received their form submission and cc someone from my team on that email so that they can respond to the email as well.

Hi Ahley. The CC e-mail does not exist in automations so in one automation you send two E-mails : one to the person who submitted the form and one to the person of your team.
It means that the person of your team need to go in Monday to have the e-mail of the person who submitted the form.
Or you assign the item to a member of your team with an automation
It’a a pity, and I hope too it with change

We have struggled with it ourselves. The only seamless way to do it is by using the Emails & Activities tab in the conversation tab and creating a template with the CC filled in. It is a trial feature for Work OS but included in Sales CRM.

Otherwise we have tried to do workarounds with assignees and pulse emails but it doesn’t work that well.

Any updates on this feature? I am currently trying to automate it so that when a Status changes, one singular email is sent to two recipients. I have it set up currently where those two recipients are in a “Team” so they’re sent at the same time but each member of the team is still receiving an individual email. I need them to both get the same email at the same time so that when one responds, the other can see it.

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