Looking to automate follow up emails in the same thread

Hi all,

I have seen on Youtube etc around setting up follow up emails to be sent based off the status and also a time frame but I was wondering if anyone knows if you are able to set up an automated reply so that the email that gets sent will still stay within the original email sent from the first interaction?

Thanks all

Hey Liam!

Sorry for the confusion on my end; could you explain a little bit more about what you mean about the email staying within the email from the first interaction?

I’m not sure how helpful this is but perhaps you could add the board’s unique email address into the email column and select that column as well in your automated email so that the automated email comes back to the board as an item.

Also, the Emails & Activities feature would keep track of these email threads for you! Have you taken a look at it?

I look forward to hearing from you so we can figure out your ideal workflow! :blush:

Hey Charlotte,

So if I was to send out a bulk outreach email by running through my contacts list and selecting say 10 people I am looking to be able to then go back to those 10 people and send another email if they haven’t responded that would show up in the original email chain that I had sent in the first place.

If I was to go to those 10 contacts again and select them from contacts and email this would create a new email chain from my understanding which is what I’m trying to stay away from if this makes more sense?


Hey @CharlotteK

Just wondering if this made more sense?


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@Liamground @CharlotteK
Hi Liam,

Did you ever get a reply to your question? I have a similar workflow and would like to automate replies in the same thread of a previously sent email.