Send an email from board where replies to email create updates on item

I have a board where items get created by automated emails that are sent to the board’s email address from DataDog. These emails are alerts that go off when DataDog has detected data issues, which are effectively creating “tickets” (items) on the board that need to be forwarded to the party responsible for resolving the issue. The purpose of this board is to automate the forwarding of these emails to the relevant contacts, based on characteristics of the original email.

I would like for the process to flow like this:
Email is sent to board, new “ticket” (item) is created
Correct contact is “assigned” to the item, based on content in the original email
Entire email body from original email is forwarded to the assigned contact (I achieved this using Outlook integration)
Recipient of that email can reply, creating a new update on the original item

I have the first 3 steps working, but cannot figure out the 4th. Since I’m using the Outlook integration, the automated emails sent from the board to the contacts are sent from the email associated to the linked Outlook account. Therefore, any replies to that email are sent to the Inbox of that Outlook account, rather than creating an update on the item.

Any ideas how I can accomplish the desired flow?

Hey @ebugbey :raising_hand_woman:

Would the below work for you? It’s in the outlook integration recipes.


You’d just need their email address in an email column on the board - but you already have this because you’re automating the emails out - should be a 30 second set up! :+1: if you need a hand.