Is there any way (apart from forwarding email to Board) to create a new Item when an email is received?

Hi all,

I know how to forward an email to a Board to create an Item, but just wondering if there is any way to automatically create a lead/Item when an email is received?
Or any way to create an item from an email forwarded to a board that populates the email column from the original sender’s email address.
TIA Patrick

Hi @botsquad,

This is a great case for the out of the box email integration (Gmail or Outlook). This allows for items to be created based on the email received and the condition set within the integration to recognized.

For fields within the email to populate columns on the board, this is not a native function however, easily created through integrations of which is a monday,com favorite. This will open you up for many possibilities as well as other cross platform integrations that have open APIs.

We are in fact having a training coming up that you can register for if you would like to find out more!

If you want to explore htis sooner, we provide free consults on efforts like this one. Please reach out below!

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Mike B
Automation Architect