Automation to copy few columns to a new board

Is there a way yo set an automation on a board which will do the following

  1. When an item is created and when a column value matches a given value.
  2. Create a new Board from a template
  3. Insert an item in the new board with values from selected “columns” in the parent board

For example
I have a board with these columns Name, Group, Department, Type, Division, Scope, Date
When a new item is inserted in this board, do the following

  1. Create a new Board if the Group = “Marketing”
  2. Copy only the values from columns Name, Department and Division
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You can set up automation for steps 1-2. See photo below.

As for step 3 (copying only certain values into the new board)… You’d have to set up separate automation for that part. When you set up the automation for the value to move, you have the option to assign what values go and to what columns you want them in as it pertains to the new board. See image below.

There is a catch… currently there IS automation that can move the item to the new board BUT not a “duplicate (copy) item AND move to that same template board”. The board would already have to exist in order to write the automation. Hope this make sense!


Thank you so much for your reply. Can you please explain more about the second automation? (for Step 3). Since the new board is created based on a template, how would I choose that board to, to move the item? Thank you very much

If the template board was made in automation 1, then I would recommend setting up automation 2 with something like a status change.
For instance, when status is (this)move item to (board).

However, it sounds like the item will be moved to a new board every time correct?
That’s the problem you’re going to run into. There isn’t a way to write that automation yet. You’d need to be able to write the automation to say “when status changes to (this) create new board AND move that item with it.” Unfortunately, that can’t be done right now. I would recommend manually moving it to the new board.