Column Change + Moving item - Pre data will be move

Hi, I want to create an automation that when a column changes the item will be duplicated but the old value and it will be moved to a different board

For example if the item has a value of “1000” and when I changed the item’s value to “2000” this item will be duplicated with the old value of 1000 and it will move to another board

Hey Gabriel,

Just to clarify, you would like to essentially create a new item, that copies the columns from the original item, however the only value that is changing is that numerical value - so you have 2 duplicate items, however the original item remains with the 1000 and the secondary item updates to 2000?

Hi Bianca!

Yes, to clarify my question.

When I change the columns value from 1000 to 2000 it will create a new item that copies that the columns of the original item but instead copying 2000 it will copy 1000.