Automation to create an update based on the person doing the action, not who created the automation

Hi all. I need to create an automation that writes an update on a project when a user generates an invoice.

I was the one who set up all of our automations, so anytime an automation is triggered, it creates an update saying it was me who did the thing - as opposed to the user triggering it.

So lets say Jane changes a status to “ready to be invoiced”. I have an automation/integration that will generate the invoice and then change the status to “invoice created”. When that happens, I want an update posted on the project that says “Jane created invoice #1234 on 1/25/23.”

All of the automation options only seem to work with existing columns or fields, and dont give an option to do something based on the actual logged in user who is doing it.

Am I missing anything? Am I being an idiot? If not, are there any work arounds?

My guess is someone is going to say I need to use to do it. I just wanted to see if there was a way to do it within Monday as it’ll be much easier for me to figure out. Thank you!

hi @MattRWA

When creating the update in the custom automation, did you try to use the filed {user name}? That should give you the current logged in user.

Hey, thanks for the reply. That doesn’t work unfortunately. It does post the update about the invoice, but it says I was the one who created the invoice (the person who built all the automations) as opposed to the actual user who created the invoice.

I’ve attached two screenshots showing the automation, and the result. I didnt create the invoice, one of my colleagues did.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 9.25.07 AM

I tried changing it to ‘account manager’ instead, and it just puts the account manager as generating the invoice instead of the actual person who did it.

Hey i think an automation like I propose here might be able to help you? Maybe you can leave a vote?; Automation: Assign whoever is in this column to that column - Feature requests - monday Community Forum

From my testing it shows the expected behavior. The automation is build by me (user Bas de Bruin) and looks like:

The the same user (Bas de Bruin) changed the status to Done which created the first update. I logged out and logged in as a user known as “Bid Manager” and changed the status to something else and back to Done. This generated the second update. Notice below the updates are showing the correct user (the one that changed the status).

If you experience different behavior I suggest to contact monday support.