Automation to push out deadline not working if deadline has passed - HELP

I have set up an automation that when the status is changed to DONE - move the item into another group and push the deadline out by 2 weeks. This works perfectly if the item task is completed before the deadline but if the person changes the status to Done when the task is late after the deadline has passed - it doesn’t push out the deadline. I know people should finish the task before the deadline!! But is there any way to push the deadline out by a period of time if the deadline has passed without changing the deadline to Today first?


If you are saying that the deadline is not getting pushed out at all in that situation, I suggest contacting

If you are wanting the deadline to be pushed out 2 weeks from today, you can use something like this custom automation:

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Thanks Jim - that’s correct - if the deadline has passed in one phase - when it moves the item to the next phase it doesnt push the deadline date out. It remains as the original deadline. I dont want to change it to today first because if today is late when they click done then it will make subsequent deadlines late too. If the person in one phase clicks done late I want the next person to have less time to do the task so we can bring it back on schedule. I wasn’t sure if this was a functionality that if the deadline has passed you can’t push it out or if I was doing something wrong. The new deadline two weeks later was not in the past in my tests. :woman_shrugging:t3: