Automation with E-mails

I know you can automate to send out an e-mail through automations. The setup up for that through automations isn’t very friendly for formatting. Is there a way to automate it to send an email through updates with that email widget?

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Bumping this for help.

Hey @Mrjoelbaker, the feature isn’t available with native Monday but you might be able to build a Zapier integration to get the formatting you want.

The zap would look like this:

Basically, a trigger in Monday (a column changing) would trigger the zap to run and send an email. You can pull data from the original item (email address, name, etc.) to inform the Gmail action.
Another cool thing is that you can do quite a bit of customization for the formatting, including being able to build an HTML version.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out here or at!