Automations fail when team members (PM's) create a new project from template

Hello. So I have recently created a new Project Template for the wider PM team to use, when they receive new projects to manage and initially have to set up on Monday.

Within the template, there is an automation that allows them to click a button and that will create a “Resource Request” to the Ops Manager. This workflow works perfectly fine, but only for me - and not when a PM creates a new project from the very same template. To make it work for the PMs, I have to go to the automation window on the specific project, duplicate the ‘failed’ automation, and then it will work.

Is there a way that I can get this automation working for other members when they create a new project, that doesn’t need my intervention?

Hey Joel, sorry to hear you’re running into issues with your automation!

To clarify, the automation creates a board from a template that you created? Or is the automation creating an item in a seperate board? Would you be happy to share a screenshot of the automation?

Given that you’re having to duplicate the recipe each time, sounds like this could be a bug :confused:

Thanks for your help :pray: