Basic Recurring Update Does not Exist

I need to be able to update the column in every day to a 11:00 am to set our daily meetings and notify people. I do not wanna delete or create but i wanna update the date.

Is that now possible ?

Hey @rifaterdemsahin, good question! At the moment this is not possible to simply update the date column every day—you would have to make a creation or deletion automation, as you mentioned.

What you could do here is clear the column every day; would that be helpful?

If notifying team members is your main concern, I would recommend using this automation, where you can set team members to be notified each day at a certain time:


This shouldn’t be necessary and it is a bit funky. But it should do what you’re asking…

Create two new status columns (these can be hidden):

  • StatusX
  • StatusY

Create the following automations:

  • Every week on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri at 11 AM, clear StatusX
  • When StatusX changes to “”, set duedate to current datetime
  • Every week on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri at 1 PM, clear StatusY
  • When StatusY changes to “”, change StatusX to “Reset”
  • When StatusX changes to “Reset”, change StatusY to “Reset”

The basic idea is that the daily clearing of StatusX is used to change the due date. Later, the clearing of StatusY is used to trigger everything to reset for the next day.
To get things started, set StatusX to “Reset” on any items that you want this to apply to. All items that have StatusX and StatusY = “” will be ignored.