Best option for collaboration on a single task?

Hi Everyone,

We have a monthly meeting that everyone on my team prepares slides and contributes to the minutes document for. Right now I have a board for this meeting, a group for each month, and items/pulses for each task. Slides and Minutes are separate tasks and they’re assigned to our team. I wanted a way to easily see the progress of the task so I added a checkbox list in the updates with each team member’s name being one option.

This looks okay on the board since I have the checkbox icon that will close and turn fully green when everyone checks their name off, but I wish there was a way for each team member to be able to mark their part done and have that be tied to their account. It doesn’t show me in the activity log or in the update section who checked off what checkbox. Ideally everyone would be able to change the status on this item to Done when they are done, and the Status box for the item would be filled in with more green each time someone changed it like the progress bar at the bottom of a group.

Hey Casey,

I hear your point here.
Using the checklist is a good idea.
The way you can follow the progress of the task is by looking at the checklist icon which turns greener as tasks are being completed.
It would be really cool indeed if once the checklist is completed, the status turns automatically to “done” (maybe we will add this to the automations center moving forward).

Another option could be to breakdown each minute checklist by items. So in your board, you would have an item for “minute by Casey”, “minute by X” etc…

We are also currently working on sub tasks which I believe will be helpful for what you are trying to do here. It should be released in 2-3 months so stay tuned!!

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

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