Best way to connect powerbi to Monday

I wonder if anyone has connected to monday`s API from PowerBI, and want to share a step by step…
I dont want to dev a API in the middle to translate.


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Would be wonderful is board can act as a data source to PowerBI (and therefore Excel)

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We are using Monday + BigQuery + DataStudio in order to get some proper statistics from our activity in Monday.
I set up a process that downloads items from specific boards (using the GraphQL api). I then take the response from that request and upload it to BigQuery as a table. I then query the table and create some views which expose the data I need in DataStudio. Then I connect DataStudio to these views and can make my reports.

I assume a similar approach would work for PowerBI. It is not the simplest solution, but is the only one I found to work that didn’t require writing a lot of code.