Bidding and Rate Card

Hi all,

I am new to Monday and I am trying to find a way to create a “bid” board in a project template.

I would like to create a workspace every time we start a new project, starting from the quoting. So each project should have a template board to allow our project managers to create a bid.

The bid should list the type of resource (ie. producer, designer, etc), the duration of engagement in the project (ideally using the gantt view to plan) and then it should pull from an existing rate card.

I have seen examples of this, but the rates are always linked to a user/team member, rather than to a service.

The next step of this would be to approve the bid, and transform/transfer the details of the approved bid into another board where we associate the team member to each of the resources (services) listed in the bid to start with project tracking.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, including links to find the closest solution.
I have found a VLOOKUP tool, but it’s $35/month, so I’d rather see if I can find a free workaround to this.

Thank you!

Hey @UV-Admin,

Thanks for explaining your workflow for us! Sounds interesting!

We might need a few more questions answered to ensure we are understanding your workflow and end goal here if that’s okay? :slight_smile:

From what we can understand, this is how we are currently seeing it:

  1. Each new project uses the same template board.

  2. Within each template board, it is items that represent the bid, with columns set up for each type of resource (producer, designer, duration, etc), with a specific column pulling from an existing rate card.

  3. This is where we might need some more information - are rate cards already existing boards/items in your account?

  4. Approve the bid (/item), which we believe can be done using astatus column? We mention a status column as this is arguably the most supported column in our automations, and can then trigger the transfer of details to that secondary board…

Before moving forward, can you please clarify/confirm for us that we are on the right track? Feel free to correct us if not - thanks so much Ale :pray:

Hi Bianca,
Thanks so much for the support.
Here are the answers to your points:

  1. Yes. Each project should use the same template workspace which has template boards in it

  2. columns should be: service code | role | daily rate | start date/end date | total days | subtotal — ideally I would like to be able to change start/end date using the gantt chart too.

  3. yes, the rate card is a board the bid boards will pull daily rates from

  4. I wonder if there is a way to approve all the lines at once. (approving the whole bid)

Here is a quick flowchart I have designed to show you the flow I have in mind.

Let me know what you think!