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Hello everyone,

I would like to create a solution for my company in the field of content production.

Here is the context :

  • Step 1 : what we call a deal is confirmed with a client
  • Step 2 : in this deal, we have a list of content to produce : for exemple 3 videos and 2 articles
  • For each kind of content to produce (video, article, …) it is a very different and specific process

I would like to have boards connected through each other so that :

  • I have a master dashboard for all deals following the achievement and status
  • For each content (video, article, …) of the deal I would like to also know the achievement and status

Do you have any ideas or suggestions about how many boards and how could I like them together ?

(I was thinking of creating a board for each kind of content but I don’t know well how to link items from this board with a master board that could contain the “deal” item.

Thank you for your time,


You say that each kind of content has a different process to produce, but is each medium similar? ie, all videos have a similar process and all articles have a similar process, regardless of “deal”, but a video and an article from the same “deal” would be different?

If so, you could keep your master board of all the deals, and then have different boards for each kind of content - so a board with all the videos you need (across all deals), a board with all the articles, etc. And for each piece of content, you could have a link to the deal that needs it, and use Mirror columns to see whatever information you’d need across boards (such as achievement and status).

Rereading your post, that seems like something you’d already considered implementing - maybe these Monday support articles on Linking and Mirroring columns would help you.

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Hi @ajwhitman

Thank you for your answer.

Yes you are totally right, each video has the same process, and each article has the same process, regardless of the deal. That is why I was thinking about using a board per medium type.

So If I understand your point I could build a solution with :

  • A master board containing deals (one item = one deal)
  • A board for each medium (accross all deals as you mentionned)

I just can’t see how I can link my master dashboard with the different boards for each medium.

I will have a look at the mirror column.

Thank you for your help anyway !


To link each deal on the master board to the content on the other boards, you would need one “Connect Board” column for each kind of content board, and within that column, you can link to several items in whichever board you connect.

So say you have three boards:

  • a master Deals board with “Fruit Company Deals” and “Animal Company Deals”
  • a Video board with “Apple video”, “Banana Video,” and “Cats Video”
  • an Article board with “Cherry Article”, “Dogs Article”, and “Elephant Article”

On the Deals board, you would make more columns, one for each kind of content. Here, it would be two: a connection to Video board, and a connection to Article board.

  • In the Fruit Company Deal row: In the Video column, you’d select “Apple Video” and “Banana Video”. In the Article column, you’d select “Cherry Article”.
  • In the Animal Company Deal row: In the Video column, you’d select “Cats Video”. In the Article column, you’d select “Dogs Article” and “Elephant Article”.

Make sure when you set up the board connection columns that the box is checked to make the connection two-way, so you can see it and mirror information on the content boards as well. Then, when you look at the content boards, you’ll see each item linked to a deal in the master board. So in this case, if you looked at Videos, you would see “Apple Video” and “Banana Video” linked to the Fruit Company Deal, and “Cats Video” linked to the Animal Company Deal.

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A heads up for readers of this thread - multi-board mirroring is coming soon! Hopefully in Q2.


@PolishedGeek what do you mean exactly? I use connected boards and mirror columns a lot so would like to understand what you say is coming down the pipe…

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Sure @cnantz - You can currently get access to multi-board linking in your Connect Boards columns (by request). However, once you link more than 1 board in a column, mirroring won’t work for boards 2 & higher, only the first board you linked will mirror. Multi-mirroring is coming later in 2021, so that when you connect to multiple boards, mirroring will work as well. It will be a game changer!

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Hi All,

@ajwhitman thank you for taking the time to give a very detailed answer on my use case. I will try to create the environnement with the 3 boards and do some tests to see if it answers my needs.

If I have more information or some suggestions I will come back to this post to update it

Thank you all, have a nice day,


@PolishedGeek so this means that you essentially would only need 1 connected board column per board and you can link many boards via that single column and mirror columns from / for any connections in that column, if yes that will be a game changer!

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