Building charts based on item and subitem names and values

Hello, Folks,

I’m working on creating a Dashboard to represent dollar values sold against a given contract value. I’d like to have a bar chart that has the vendor noted at the bottom, with a stacked column of each of the projects sold against the contract with that vendor, or some other method where I can display the Contracted Volume in comparison to the total Sold Volume in a single chart.

Please see the attached screenshot of how the information is currently organized.

Would appreciate some assistance.


@jwarner I suggest taking a look at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful. It’s an add-on to Monday that allows creating advanced charts, including stacked bar charts. Here’s an example chart:

The bars can represent individual vendors and the bar segments can represent sold projects. The bars and bar segments can represent any of the columns in your board. The charts created in Screenful can be placed on the Monday dashboard, or shared with a scheduled email.

You can learn more about the add-on and signup for a free trial to give it a try!