Business Card Data to CRM

Hey there!

We’ve recently had a great use case where business card data extraction was added to monday .com CRM to help a company better manage events.

The idea was that once the team is at the event, they could use a monday form to submit a photo of a business card directly to the CRM. The setup took a few minutes, and now they can easily get prospect contact data to their CRM.

Here are a few demos of what you can do from just a single business card and monday CRM:

  1. Build a leads dashboard:
    Bitskout v2 - Create Leads Dashboard from Business Cards with Make, and openAI - YouTube

  2. Receive discussion topics based on the prospect information:
    Business Cards Dashboard part 2 - Detecting the prospect industry, sending a voice message with tips - YouTube

  3. Build Standard Operating Procedures for your events:
    Building Sales Standards in your organisation via Automations - Business cards p.3 - YouTube