Button column that sends an email with an image upload form

I get applications for retail space rentals that do not come with pictures. On occasion, we’d like to reach back out to the applicants and request some pictures.

I’d like to make a “button” column that sends an email to the applicant’s email with an image upload form. These images then would need to be retroactively added to their existing application’s update section, as well as notify our sales team (the button clicker) that the images have been successfully uploaded and are ready for review.

I feel like this is a relatively easy thing to do, I’m just not sure how to go about it. Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @PaintedTree_cpdg - the problem with forms is that it will create a new entry with each submission, so this doesn’t really work for you.

There is an app called SuperForm which allow you to create forms and make the content updateable so it doesnt create a new record.

Hope this helps!