Calculated Date Column in a Dashboard or Report


I have a board that tracks my contracts. Included in that is a Date Range column called “Current Term.” Using that column I calculate a date that the renewal should begin with the formula: FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Current Term#End},-90))

I would like to use that RENEW date on a dashboard or report to see what is coming for renewal. Any ideas how to do that with a calculated column?


hi @Terzogenito

Welcome to the community. I am afraid this is not possible. The formula column displays the outcome that is calculated within your browser. No other part of monday (automations, dashboard, external apps etc) can read the data in the formula column as it is all done client-side. Maybe you should have a look at General Castor app that is in the marketplace.

Hi there, does this mean that you cannot report on any calculated columns in a dashboard?

As far as I know that is indeed the case.

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Thanks for the replies. I ended up using PowerBI to report on the data from Monday.