Calculating value of formula column in the app

Is there any way to calculate actual values for formula in the app?
It’s client side calculation, hence not returned by GraphQL API, but is there some other facility to get the actual value (in the Monday SDK for example, where you’d supply formula string, column values, and get result) ?

Yes, there is.
Take a look at General Caster in Apps Marketplace.

That was quick @rob. I saw your app but I meant some Monday native way of doing this. I understand Gen Castor doesn’t use Formula column, so users would need to add new column and translate Formula into your syntax.

Edit: I worded it wrong - it’s not new column, but an action, but still - you need to rewrite your formula in action settings.

Yes, or you can use the General Caster recipe that uses an existing formula column.

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@rob The problem I have now is large existing boards. Castor gets triggered when column updates, but it’s hard to update say 1000s rows manually. Is there any way to trigger update for all rows?

@dsilva or @dipro - Could you weight in on whether there’s way to get formula result for a row in an app without reimplementing the whole client side algo you have for that?
Would be cool to have this in SDK for example.

General CastEr recipes are triggered on column change in a single item.

Would be good to have some method of triggering it for the whole board I guess. E.g. first invocation on the board where Castor is added could do that (I realise there’s no good place in the UI to add this kind of feature).

General Caster has merits. But it does not adress the core problem.

A app should be able to use a formula column for weight (without having to extract the data of the monday server), just like mondays own framework can. Keep in mind that a lot of apps doesnt mutate data, all they do is take existing data or column values and display it differently.

Not being able to utilize the formula column is very limiting.
Attention @VladMonday


This thread seems to be a duplicate of Mutation: create_column for a 'formula' type column, where Dipro explains potential approach.

TL;DR: Apps need to implement formula calculations from scratch as there’s no tools from Monday.
Monday is not able to provide any information on what tools are used to parse and calculate formulas, so it’s up to app developers to choose.


Hey folks! We don’t have a native way of parsing and calculating a formula just yet unfortunately, but it’s been really highly requested.

I’ll pass your vote for this feature along to our product team.

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