Calculations on Date/Hour fields

Hello all … Hope your are all doing great …

I have a question that I hope that someone can help me with … as I am not sure where to even begin …

When we create items in Monday, we use automations to register created date, created hour, started date, started hour … and so on … we just register the information at the moment … but we want to generate useful metadata

So … if we take the example of the following columns … all filled out by Automation

Start Date, Start Hour, Completed Date, Completed Hour

How do you set up a calculation that gives me WORKING HOURS as a result.
All this is based on …

  1. Work from Monday to Friday
  2. Work hours from 09:00 to 16:00
  3. The Task that Monday is tracking could easily span multiple days, but we are only interested in work hours.

example … A big Video transcoding job is started on Friday at 13:00, and completed at i.e. Saturday at 17:00, but is not marked at complete in Monday before Monday morning at 9:00

Hope someone with math skills can help me out here :slight_smile:

kind regards Nils