Calendar of emails from multiple boards

Hi there, I’m new to Monday, and am struggling to make it do what I want…but I’m sure there’s a way! We have our boards sorted by product type, then the groups are campaigns. Each campaign has social media and emails under it amongst other things (flyers, ecommerce graphics, update website, etc.). I’m trying to pull one comprehensive view from our 6 boards into one calendar that shows the email (and eventually one for social media too) publish date so we can track how/when emails are going to each audience. Would love any guidance!

Hi @willowstewart and welcome to the community! The best way to achieve this would be to create a Dashboard and connect in the 6 boards. From there you can add a Calendar widget and show all the dates as needed.

Here is a helpful support article as well: The Dashboards – Support (

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the thought – that’s the part I’m struggling with. I don’t know if I have my boards set up the right way to pull what I want them to.

Hi @willowstewart - I’d be happy to assist you further to see what may be needed. You can book some time with us here: Green Llamas Consulting - Book a Support Session