Calendar View replaced by Calendar Widget?

Is the Calendar VIEW gone now? When I try to add a view, and add calendar, it actually adds the Calendar WIDGET… Can someone confirm I should be able to use the Calendar VIEW. I am a PRO subscription level.

It is. I went back and forth with support numerous times trying to figure out what was going on. To their credit, they were very patient and even created some screenshare vids for me.

So yes it’s gone, and with it some of the…well, no actually most of the core functionality. I couldn’t get an explanation why it was replaced with a widget, since we can just use a widget in a dashboard.

The only way around this I’ve found is if you use one of the pre-made templates with a calendar view. Those seem to still have the old calendar. However, you have to use that calendar because if you try and add one it will add the widget.

This really breaks some of our teams workflows, and we’re honestly thinking of moving. Really happy with Monday otherwise.

Thanks David. I had given up. Monday seems to have so many cool features but is missing small ones. This move I can’t figure out. Next up PRINTING or just export my forms to pdf.

This has been a huge pain point for us, the real issue is the lack of notice or any documentation to the change. How can you roll out a change and not provide any documentation or notice? Even their “how-to” for the calendar view shows the old version.

Unprofessional rollout of a feature, and inexcusable to not have any documentation available on a change this core to the product. It seems to be a pattern that the team at Monday has some growing pains to go through before becoming truely business-ready for enterprise.

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