Can files from Google Drive be displayed in the Files section in Updates?

We often refer to files on our Google Drive when we chat (via Updates). Is it possible to list these files in the “Files” section? Currently, the files we upload to Updates are aggregated there, but the files from Google Drive to which we insert links are not.

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Your request for aggregating Google Drive file links from updates in the “Files” section is quite understandable, considering it would allow for easier and more centralized access to all relevant documents.

However,’s “Files” section automatically collates only those files which are directly uploaded to the platform. Links to external files, such as those on Google Drive, aren’t automatically aggregated in the “Files” section, even if they are inserted in the updates.

It’s always a good idea to check for updates on the Community or with their support as new features and enhancements are regularly introduced.

If your team frequently requires a functionality that goes beyond’s built-in capabilities, our development team at Rally Essentials specializes in custom integrations and enhancements for We could potentially help in creating a solution tailored specifically to your needs. Feel free to reach out at

Thank you for answer. I think this should be the core functionality of For example, it normally works in Slack - I put links to files from Google Drive in the text, Slack checks whether the recipients have access to them and below the text there is an aggregated list of all files. Likewise in Gmail. Is it possible to submit somewhere as an idea for a new feature?


There is definitely a workaround we could deploy to make this work the way you want, would you be available for a quick 5 - 15 minute call via Zoom where I can look at your screen and walk you through possible solutions? This call/solution would be free of any charge!