Can I access the Subitem Summary of an Item via API?

I have formulas totaling up in the subitems, which then shows a summary in the item’s main line. For example: The subitem shows Quantity, Price and Total, where Quantity x Price = Total. And then the Subitem Summary for the Item is the Sum of all those subitem totals.

Can I access that summary total via API?

I can see the data field itself, but the amount is not coming through in the API call. Please help!

If this is a bug or missing functionality, are there any workarounds?

hi @cryptomark

You can’t get the sum of the subitems values through a single API call. What you can do however is query all the subitems and add the values together in your program.

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When I query the subitems, the individual subitem values are not coming through the API. They are formulas that multiply a number x a number mirror through a connected board. Is this a bug or a feature?

Are subitem formula numbers coming through the API at this time?

No, formula outcomes can’t be accessed through the API as formulas are calculated in your frontend (the browser). You have to query the columns making up the formula and do the formula in your app. Alternatively there is an app called General Caster that does calculations in the backend.

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