Can I connect 1 work form to 2 different boards?

I have a request form that needs to go into 2 different boards. Board 1 is our IT ticket system that has 1 form for incidents and 1 form for technology request. I need the technology request form to go into another board as well as the IT ticket system board. Is this possible? What automation formula should I try?


Nachliel from Easyapps here

You can only receive incoming forms into one board. What may solve your problem is collecting all the data into one incoming board (board A) and then use an automation that is triggered by item creation to create an item in a different board (board B) using data from the item created in board A:

Notice, I used a recipe that connects the two items but this is not necessary.

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Here is an example of our form in action:
main gif easyform

I hope this helps


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This does help! Thank you for your reply.