Can Item Change Automate the Creation of a New View of the Item Only

When a form creates a new item, can one create a custom recipe that says “when new item entered, create a view”? For example, when an item is submitted (or changed), can an automation create a view of just that item that could be shared with a viewer? If it is possible, I’ve yet to find the info on it. Thanks in advance to anyone who shares how. :smile:

Hey @jane.martel - if I understand correctly, that’s possible with board permissions. If you have a viewer on your account and want them to only be able to see their items, you can set a board permission (with the Enterprise plan) so that folks can only see items they’re assigned to:

I don’t have all of the information about your board, but I’ve set something up in the past where our form included a single-select question (which turns into a status column on the item):


Then I set up an automation that looked like this:

Now, Thomas (a viewer on my account) is assigned automatically as a person to an item from the form. He is only able to see items on the board he is assigned to.

Let me know if this helps!

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I see. Thank you, Greg. I appreciate it. That might work; …in fact, I think it will! I’ll have to try it.